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Altitude Boost™ - High Altitude Training in a Bottle

Altitude Boost™ - High Altitude Training in a Bottle

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Altitude Boost - High Altitude Training in a Bottle


  • Mimics the Effects of High Altitude Training
  • Enhances oxygen uptake (VO2max) for increased speed, strength & endurance
  • Stimulates Red Blood Cell Production
  • Increases Lung Capacity and Oxygen Efficiency - 30 Day Supply / Bottle (60 Tablets)
  • High Altitude Training Benefits in Your Home
  • All ingredients are complaint with WDA, UCI, IOC and NCAA rules

Competitive Advantage

Professional athletes have long used high altitude training to get a competitive advantage. It has become a major trend among top athletes performing in the Olympics and other competitive events. Olympic athletes have been training for years in thin air to boost their performance by physiologically adapting their bodies to high altitude. This cost prohibitive approach of training at altitude, using altitude tents or hypoxia devices has given those that can afford the expense an unfair advantage… until now.

Biomedical engineers from southern California spent years developing ALTITUDE BOOST™ high altitude performance supplement whose clinically tested ingredients were able to mimic the effects of high altitude training.

So how can it be this simple?

The New Competitive Advantage

ALTITUDE BOOST™ tricks the body adaptation systems to be mimic high altitude and allow you to gain all the benefits of high altitude training without having to deprive yourself of oxygen, use altitude tents or masks. You can now experience the benefits of high altitude training, year round.

All from a simple supplement ALTITUDE BOOST™ that you take on a daily basis.

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With ALTITUDE BOOST™ you can expect to see results in as little as 1 week. Taking two tablets of ALTITUDE BOOST™ daily, increases oxygen utilization giving you the ability to push harder during workouts, resulting in increased stamina.

Other benefits caused by the physiological adaptations include an increase in red blood cells, VO2max, improvements in time to exhaustion, reduced recovery times and improved mental function.

ALTITUDE BOOST™ works at both sea level and at altitude, so no matter where you live you now have the ability to harness the power of “thin air” and get the same competitive edge of top athletes.

Scientific Citations

1. Zembron-Lacny, A,Slowinska-Lisowska M, Szygula Z, Witkowski K, Szyszka K. Physiol Res. 2008. The comparison of antioxidant and haematological properties of N-acetylcysteine and alpha-lipoic acid in physically active males. Physiological Research 58(Suppl.6): 855-861.

2. Mckenna, JA, Medved, I, Goodman CA,Brown JA, Bjorkstein MH, Murphy KT, Petersen AC, Sostaric, S, Gong, X.N-acetylcysteine attenuates the decline in muscle Na+,K+-pump activity and delays fatigue during prolonged exercise in humans. J Physiol. 2006Oct 1;576(Pt 1):279-88. Epub 2006 Jul 13.


Suggested Use:

Take two (2) tablets daily with a meal. Take consistently for maximum effect. All ingredients as in compliance with WADA, UCI, IOC, NCAA and all governing bodies.

5 Stars
Amazing Improvements and Better Recovery
"I finished a bottle today. I took 2 pills every morning with breakfast. The stuff really works well. On August 8, I rode a 100k road race. My average speed was 17.8 mph, my average HR was 152. I rode another 100k road race on August 29, and my average speed was 18.8 mph and my average HR was 143! Fairly similar road courses, same time of day, and same outside temps. Between August 8 and August 29, I had only done 7 basic training rides. So the improvements weren't just from training. Also, on a side note. The 100k race was a day after I competed in my first Cat 2 mountain bike race which was 25.5 miles, and I nearly placed top 10. So to come back the very next day and perform like I did in the 100k road race after a tough mountain bike race was pretty awesome. I also completed a local 1 day, 100 mile mountain bike challenge called Judgement Day. My aerobic recovery has gotten much quicker. When I do push myself on the bike, I can back of just a little bit, and find myself able to start pushing again much quicker than before I started taking Altitude Boost. Hence the reason my average HR numbers have been lower on my training rides and races, and my performance has improved."
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Reviewed by:  from TX. on 9/27/2015
5 Stars
Very Happy!
I have been using Epoboost and Trifuel for many years. I can't imagine doing my conditioning or two a days without it. My clients love it as well. When we were provided Altitude Boost to try we were pretty sure it would work just like every other product. The time and attention taken on these products is very helpful for us athletes. We cannot have mediocre products. With that being said. I have been taking Altitude Boost for one month and I am very happy with it. Altitude training in a bottle? Why wouldn't you try it. I can't wait to compete and have this type of training as one of my many tools. I would recommend this product. Michael Chupa Peak MMA & Fitness- owner and professional athlete.
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 11/4/2015
5 Stars
Proud to Vouch For It!
“As a freediver and adventure swimmer I have always been attentive of the effect nutrition and food choices make on my health, training, and performance. I’m always looking to explore ways to drive my perceived mental and physical limits further. As a regular consumer of BRL Sports Nutrition’s TRIFUEL, a 3 in 1 Endurance, Hydration and Recovery drink, my performance has improved and recovery is evidently faster. Significantly TRIFUEL replenishes lost electrolytes – rapidly. RipleyIn freediving there are so many variables that you can’t control but since taking Altitude Boost, I have observed an increase in depth and apnea. Contractions, which can feel like a featherlike butterfly tingle to a right royal thump in the gut, are kicking in way later than normal making my freediving adventure a pleasurable muted journey. In my opinion BRL Sports Nutrition have pioneered a product that boosts increased lung capacity and oxygen efficiency and it comes in a handy little bottle. There are no extravagant gimmicks and it’s certainly not a publicity stunt to lead freedivers or athletes astray. I am proud to join the long distinguished lists of testimonials from athletes and adventurers that vouch for a product that exceeds what it says on the packet. While Altitude Boost may have been originally intended for athletes and adventurers that relish High Altitudes, it seems to significantly benefit the freediver that seeks pleasure from the depths.”
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Reviewed by:  from Malta. on 11/4/2015
5 Stars
This is it!
"I started using Altitude Boost approximately sixty days ago. I often wondered if there would ever be any safe product the equivalent of other BRL Endurance Products I have used to enhance speed and endurance, and without a doubt this is it ! Since beginning taking Altitude Boost I have run two highly competitive races (an half Marathon and a 20K) and the difference in my performance in both races was into the Outer Limits ! In severe high winds and torrents of rain I finished fourth overall and first Masters Division Sunday at the Atlanta Halloween Half Marathon. The times were reflective of the weather (even the first, second and third elite runners times show the conditions). I don't know how I could have had a better race/run. Will Morrell, Eight time State & Regional Running Champion"
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Reviewed by:  from NC. on 11/3/2015
5 Stars
Make mom move!
This is a very good product. I am trying to get my mom to exercise more, because of her medical conditions. After clearing it with her doctor (which you should always do if you take medication or have medical conditions), I gave her this. She says that she feels way more energetic and up to working out. This is a woman who is a real couch potato.
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 10/19/2015

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